Daily Gratitude List

Today I am grateful for

The ability to sleep in if I choose, and not condemn myself for doing so if something else doesn’t get done

Meditation in the morning

Journal writing everyday on paper, as I write I discover my answers are in me

Self discovery equates to understanding, you, the more I understand myself, the more you make sense to me, the more I am able to have compassion for all living things

Hearing a voice next door during my meditation today which said, “your past choices never go away” and realizing in the moment the choices I made which are responsible for my current circumstances

Reflection, hindsight is the best teacher I have ever known

Recognizing my truth which is, I am on a journey to self discovery, the most important journey I believe I will ever take, to realize myself, I think is the key to understanding all things, the more I know me the more I know you

My passion is freedom and love, it is my goal to lead others in the same direction

Living in gratitude keeps me free, free from addiction, free from hate, free from negativity, free from bondage